Thanks to the reflective display, the from us tested sample subjectively bid vibrant and saturated colors. Webcam with integrated microphone. The measured temperatures on the bottom side are impressive , too. That’s not being enough, though. As opposed to the M70S, we couldn’t detect noticeable creaky noises when closing or opening the display that would lessen the good impression of the Asus M50S.

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This weight is representative for typical laptops with a inch display-diagonal. The very demanding asus m50 person shooter Crysis was only smoothly playable with low details and a resolution of x pixel at an average of 40 to 50 frames per second.

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Review Asus M50S Notebook

The Asus M50SV-ASG is blazingly fast for a portable machine and Asus has mostly employed high spec components, but it asus m50 always make the most of them. However, once AA asus m50 deactivated, the game became very playable with fps at the same resolution.

asus m50 The enclosed lithium-ion battery asuz Like the M70S, the M50S contains a brightness sensorwhich automatically adjusts the display brightness to the general environmental brightness.

Furthermore, the case of the Asus M50S not only looks good, but it also feels nice to the touch. Typing on the M50S feelssimilar to the M70S model, asus m50 jerky with a clear pressure point.

Asus also additionally puts, besides the asus m50 itself, a small and space saving notebook mouseas well as a high quality notebook case in the delivery box.

This still allows for a halfway pleasant working on the lap. Like the M50S and M70S colleagues, the Asus Asud model tested by us belongs to the league of the asus m50 performance multimedia notebooks.

M50Vc | ASUS Global

The results of our test sample in the 3DMark 05 and asus m50 weren’t surprising. Besides the marked scroll area, the touchpad additionally offers a dual mode function.

The Blu-Ray drive uses most of the available space on asus m50 right asus m50. Asus names it the “Infusion” design. Due to it’s extremely highly reflective display, the M50V The maximum temperature measured by us here was The default mode allows obviously control of the mouse arrow.

Asus M50 Notebook Unveiled | Trusted Reviews

Asus m50 manufacturer made sure that the asus m50 were kept in the original size and weren’t cut back for space reasons. Because of this, the location of the keyboard is not exactly in the middle. Asus M50V bei Ciao. The touchpad looks impressive – especially in darkened rooms because it is illuminated in the multimedia mode. Even surfing the internet will deplete the battery asus m50 minuteswhich significantly limits mobile usage of the notebook.

We show the least amount of ads possible. The fan noise stays constant and isn’t conceived as being a nuisance or nervy, if you aren’t too sensitive for this. Quality journalism is paid by advertising. Apart from the expected clicking noise, the keyboard also emits a dull sound every time a key is pressed. This means it offers a much larger visible working space compared with standard WXGA displayswhich facilitates working with multiple open windows or software with many toolboxes.

The multimedia notebook from Asus It also offers, asus m50 the chic and elegant look in the “Infusion” designtechnical features and gadgetry that are striking. The Asus M50S turned off after only 62 minutes. System Noise Unfortunately, the M50V can’t asus m50 in consideration of the system noise asus m50.

As asus m50 already asus m50 us tested M70S and the M50S models, our ASUS M50V test sample had an integrated brightness sensor which adapted azus brightness of the display automatically to the surrounding light. While the M70S used a dual transport hook closing system to keep the display safely shut, the M50S model doesn’t have a closing system at all, presumably due to its smaller display size.

There hasn’t asus m50 much change optically ,50 our tests of the M50S and the M70S. With an average brightness of