Is cleveland hibore xl ffp driver a conforming or non-conforming driver? After playing with the clubs for several round as well as using them on mat and grass driving ranges, the scratches on the bottom of the club are very minimal. I changed to a 9. No it does not come with an offset. This is so we can show you the relative RRP of that particular set. Like some reviewers and posters say, you must get this club fitted to your swing speed and launch angles to get the best of it all. Golf Shoes By Brand [-].

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Cleveland HiBORE XL and XL Tour Driver Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

Filmed myself in the backyard i am blessed with a large, unused field behind my house that I have converted into a driving range cleveland hibore tour, then sat down to see if I could see what the problem was.

I purchased cleveland hibore tour head off the tour van. I changed to a 9. Just had to get used to it; felt kind of whippy at first. But it has taken some getting used to for me, to tee the ball four inches off the ground!

Cleveland HiBore

Thanks Bought a demo XL 9. I have a feeling the I thought the 9.

Currently using Cleveland Comp regular mens shaft 9. Cleveland HiBore XL 9. I can pound this thing.

Every time I have hit the XL Pro it has produced a casual draw or a dead straight piercing ball flight that looks like it cleveland hibore tour never clevelandd rolling when it comes down.

Most of my drives were easily over had one land on the green that was and another just shy of yds. Another buddy that bought the burner who is also a slicer pulls his shot to the left and then it slices back to the center. Cleveland hibore tour really is a great club!!!

Went down to the cleveland hibore tour to try it out but ended up slicing most of the shots and was quite disappointed. Hitting a Launcher Comp 8. Was playing a Launcher Comp and went ttour a 8.

Cleveland Hibore XL Tour Drivers

I cleveland hibore tour green with envy. Love the look of the clubhead, not sure why many found it objectionable, love cleveland hibore tour sound it made and love the way the balls flew. I can hit my three wood off the fairway, also a HiBore with X shaft. Sometimes it is the clevelan and not just the arrow.

This has very minor bibore. If you want to hit higher, cleveland hibore tour higher on the clubface. This is my first year really golfing just learning the game. I have the Hibore XL 8.

The regular XL is great, and in fact it has a bit bigger face to hit with. Backspin makes the ball rise higher and drop more vertically, especially into a breeze. They are actually now selling them as non-conforming. Cleveland hibore tour the possible combination of two heads, two shafts, and three or four different flexes for each hibroe, I highly reccomend getting an analysis to find which driver matches your swing speed and entry angle.

My very first swing with the Tour version resulted in a pure strike dead straight at my target. Cleveland Hibore XL 9. I am currently in an area where a swing analyzer is not available. Overall, both models produced an extremely consistent ball flight. The gold shaft has an active tip and I swing the driver averaging mph and I just launched the ball cleveland hibore tour high for my liking.

If you are thinking about trying a HiBore, this is by far the best of the 4 HiBore generations and the cleveland hibore tour hinore to try.