Don’t try to do too much and it’ll behave with accurate results; some testers get a controlled, predictable outcome by taking a little off the swing. Nothing too techy to look at, just good, traditional looks. The premise is to increase swing speed and, naturally, total distance. The ball usually just smacks the face and registers little feel, so I was surprised—shocked really—to not notice any of that with the Gambler. The overall club weight varies due to differences in head and grip mass. Both men play to a six-handicap and swing approximately miles per hour.

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Thumbs up to classic shape, black crown and gold shaft; no distractions on the crown. After all, cleveland sl290 launcher ultralite heel-toe weighted blade features launfher, Vegas-style artwork spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds on its sole and crank-neck hosel.

The XL cc and XL Draw cc weigh just grams and work best for those with smooth swing tempos XL delivers 4 to cleveland sl290 launcher ultralite mph more ball speed than traditional gram drivers.

Game-Improvement Drivers We tested: Kua 39 graphite shaft. Ccleveland SL cc is for players who make a more aggressive transition laauncher backswing to downswing, while TL cc targets those guys who prefer to “work” the ball and seek a penetrating ball flight.

Cleveland Sl290 Ultralite 12* Driver Regular

Clubface is four grams lighter, and maximum COR area 0. Many testers see positive results on the course with this light club. Ultralkte a Miyazaki Series C. It’s also easier to see the club’s loft, and that made us feel like we had a 7-iron cleveland sl290 launcher ultralite our hands, not a “3-iron.

cleveland sl290 launcher ultralite You’d think that our first impression of the Royal would have been its cosmetics. Never Compromise Gambler Putter. One of the reasons for this is that the Mashie is, like the Ultralite driver series, lighter and longer. The ball usually just smacks the face and registers little feel, so I was surprised—shocked really—to not notice ultraite of that with the Gambler.

Cleveland SL Ultralite Driver

Max Game-Improvement Drivers We tested: So to him, the Gambler was a significant change in feel, while for me, it was a significant change in looks. Most golfers cleveland sl290 launcher ultralite as fortunate however and will benefit cleveland sl290 launcher ultralite the featherweight and super-featherweight XL At first, the SL and TL drivers looked pretty similar at address, but upon closer inspection, we noticed some subtle differences.

The premise is to increase swing speed and, naturally, total distance.

Consider the extra yards you’ll get with it, because you may be replacing the wrong club. Very light and easy to swing, sl209 is particularly nice for senior players; balanced club provides satisfying feedback to hands. Ultralite SL Category: Royal three other models available Price: However, when you stand over the ball, the playing-card motif vanishes.

Kua 43 graphite cleveland sl290 launcher ultralite.

Extremely light driver that’s best for smooth-tempo swingers. That was due in part to its offset, but also to the Gliderail sole that features a dual-rail design. From Golf Magazine January, Longer shafts and lighter overall weight are two design characteristics that tend to get a lot of play these days. A forgiving club that’s kind on mis-hits; consistent ball flight contributes to very good accuracy. Among the most preferred drivers in max game-improvement cleveland sl290 launcher ultralite.

Kua 59 graphite shaft.

Cleveland Launcher Ultralite XL 270, Ultralite SL 290 and Ultralite TL 310 Drivers

Cleveland’s entire driver platform, for instance, is built on the principle that “longer clevelland lighter” can help you capture more distance. Not the longest of the bunch, but it offers adequate cleveland sl290 launcher ultralite, even on off-center hits.

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Cleveland trademark gold shaft and dark clubhead look tasteful; smaller head provides a satisfying appearance at address. CONS Minimal feedback on offcenter hits; super lightweight design and long shaft contribute to a lack of control for a few faster swingers.

There was never any doubt that the ball would get airborne in a hurry cleveland sl290 launcher ultralite land soft.