Prevents Static Grip of the Mouse – The RollerMouse Free2 is controlled with an open relaxed hand and slightly curled fingers use of an unflexed hand, with no possibility of clutching or holding the device to effect cursor control. Top view of RollerMouse Free2 with keyboard. Be the first to review this product. RollerMouse Free2 helps to eliminate reaching for a traditional mouse relieving neck, shoulder, elbow, and wrist pain. All Windows OSes Mac: The included low profile palm supports are easily removed.

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Old Drivers – Contour Design

Quick and easy cursor speed and precision selection: Pressing lightly on the bar equals a left click. Choose between five contour rollermouse free2 speeds ranging from dpi to dpi.

The below item has been discontinued. This can lead to neck, shoulder and elbow pain and discomfort.

RollerMouse Free3 – Contour Design

If you have any questions about this or any other product, call us or email us. Quick and easy speed selection.

Its footprint is Using both contour rollermouse free2 helps avoid discomfort and prevent pain by varying your position. On the Free2, the rollerbar is fully exposed and longer than on the Pro2 at 9. Ambidextrous use is encouraged and cntour accomplished, to an even greater degree than contour rollermouse free2 the older RollerMouse Pro2, as the rollerbar of the Free2 is substantially longer.

Use the large left button to left click. Unique, fully xontour rollerbar. Get Our Best Stories! The rollerbar works by rolling the bar to move contour rollermouse free2 cursor up and down on the screen. The dpi increments are each contour rollermouse free2 I used the RollerMouse with conotur a laptop 1, by display and desktop 1, by 1, and ran out of room only occasionally at the default 1, dpi resolution.

Use both hands for better variations and flexibility with the fully open rollerbar. Bottom Line The Contour RollerMouse Free2 offers ultra-smooth operation and ergonomic benefits an ordinary rollsrmouse can’t match. Ultra-slim keyboards are becoming increasing popular, so Contour Design has included two keyboard lifters that allow one to change the height and angle of the keyboard.

Old Drivers

contour rollermouse free2 In order that cursor movement tollermouse centered throughout usage, there is an end detection mechanism that shifts the cursor to rollermouxe left or right side of the screen when the rollerbar contour rollermouse free2 no longer be moved any further left or right. Fingertips roll The narrow rollerbar both up and down and from side to side simultaneously to navigate the cursor over the entire screen, with very little friction or resistance.

Work safer and faster.

How to Block Robocalls and Spam Calls. Get two clicks in one with the “one touch” double click. There is also a DPI adjustment button to toggle from to dpi to allow the user to select their preferred cursor speed. Etched keycaps would be nicer. More From Eric Dell Latitude The Free2 comes with detachable contour rollermouse free2 ‘risers’ to lift up thinner keyboards to an appropriate height 3 height settingsensuring a custom contour rollermouse free2 for every user.

The largest are for left click, right click, and double click; two others are copy and paste Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V shortcuts.

RollerMouse Free3

Choose from five different speeds between dpi and dpi with the click of roloermouse button. Control Layout – RollerMouse Free2. Downloadable driver available for: Wireless Power Is Coming. More room to work. Contour rollermouse free2 Mobile Networks