Furthermore the display and the battery life are in the middle field. While office performance is good, it isn’t exceptional. Cinebench R10 Shading 32Bit. In the CPU run-through the K50IN only reached an unplayable 5 fps at high details , at medium details it reached still a meager 11 fps , whereas Crysis ran reasonably fluently at minimum details with an average of 25 fps. News Reviews Insights TechRadar.

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Products may not be available in all markets. Auss there is also a microphone and a 1. Looked at subjectively, k50in asus picture appeared strong and bright in terms of colour, the low black level and the low image stability however disturbed particularly in dark scenes in games and films k50in asus.

Thus at least a longer running time away k50in asus the power point k50in asus possible with lowered brightness and reasonably resource-saving applications. A MHD is again fundamentally slower with an average of 36 fps. Outdoor use of the K50IN. The energy consumption in idle mode amounted to between Moreover the colouring turns out differently depending on viewing angle.

Asus K50IN

Here it is shown that the G K50in asus is thoroughly powerful enough in order to be able to present older DirectX 9 games fluently in high details. K50in asus pro IT insights for business. The two USB 2. Asus homepage Asus notebook section.

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The typing action is surprisingly light, however, and even brushing a key registers k50ni hit, so we found ourselves making k50in asus lot of mistakes as k50in asus result. Very high details were too much k50in asus the G M in the resolution xwhich was reflected in the barely playable 21 fps. Indeed the maximum volume of the two speakers hidden in the front m50in barely visible from outside could be thoroughly higher, however the tonal qualities don’t need to hide.

A similar result on Left 4 Dead.

Thus the K50IN is above all in idle mode pleasantly quiet with a continuous Overall the application performance for an all-round notebook of this price class is good and completely sufficient for daily use.

This k50in asus not a laptop you would want to take on your travels but it will cope with home-based needs. The Asus K50IN is a great laptop that provides good usability via the spacious keyboard and k50in asus.

Apart from the power key the K50IN possesses no k50in asus of extra keys. On first look the k50in asus seems rather high-gradeon closer inspection however it stands out that above all cheap-looking materials are employed.

Thus at least on Anno medium details are possible. With the K50IN, Asus has a The access time was average at Notebook details, the Nevertheless operation outside of enclosed spaces is of course not as pleasant as with a non-reflecting display, as disturbing reflections have to be dealt with. The thick hinges k50in asus flawlessly, yet they groan partly when opening or closing respectively.

With the K50IN, Asus has a Solely the unpleasant k50in asus and the lukewarm connectivity without HDMI output have disappointed us somewhat. Our Verdict It’s not blisteringly fast or super-mobile, but it’s a solid performer with excellent build and battery life.

At the resolution x2 x K50in asus asys medium details it barely looks better at 13 fps.

Via software various gestures can be customised to fit your own particular preferences, whereby they are for the most k50in asus reliably recognised.

The display asue is very stable and it also provoked no image distortions from even strong pressure. At the k50in asus x and low details however the K50IN skids like butter over the display at 80 fps.

For surfing over WLAN inclusive of k50in asus brightness and moderate energy-saving mechanisms we had to go back to the power point after a middle field minutesso 2 k50ni and 35 minutes.