Stop pla yback or recording before attempting to erase files. I just cant get the PC to see it as a portable media device and when i specify it as such, is says it has 0bytes on the player Record Settings, Load Default Record Settings A high record sampling frequency brings an increase in sound quality but also a corresponding increase in memory usage. Some of you may also find this interesting: Carl Svensson New member Username: After that, the player wouldn’t switch on and the computer wouldn’t recognize it. Does anyone know how to transfer songs so i can actually listen to them.

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The hold switch is to stop any of the buttons working while the player is in your pocket or bag; for example, if the logik mp3 is switched off and the hold switch is to the right, the player can’t accidentally logii on and drain your battery. MP3 Player Controls A. logik mp3

Logik MP3 help!!!

I’m taking mine back and demanding my money back and I recommend everyone else does the same! Posted on Saturday, Logik mp3 10, – I can’t copy anything in the drive. My 1st one was perfect but in 4 hours the headphones snapped.

View Manual in pdf-format. Always judge a product by the button action!! The track plays fine in media player.

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Irene Harvie Unregistered guest. Fiona Moorhouse Unregistered guest.

Posted on Friday, August 01, – Posted on Wednesday, November 16, – Posted on Monday, February 08, – Hope this can help someone with a similar problem? I have an hdd40, which throws up hdd format error when starting up. Logik mp3 of the MP3 Player drivers is required only if you wish to upgrade the firmware logik mp3 the player.

Can someone be an angel and put a FTP or something with all the software and firmware in it? We are going to bring it back to currys and I only hope we won’t have problems with logik mp3 the money back.

Logik MP3 Player Manuals

Cheesed off Bob Unregistered guest. Posted on Tuesday, December 27, – I put it back together and now running it But what is A-B button for? Upgrade the Firmware The logik mp3 in the player can be updated through the Firmware Download utility running on your PC.

Hope this helps anybody still logik mp3 wiether to take it back or not! This makes me want to scream and shout and jump up and down on top of my little logik player until there is only minute fragments of black plastic.

Posted on Saturday, August 19, – At first I thought I had a virus or some other problem. Logik mp3 should i do?

Anyone who can help us?????????????? Posted on Thursday, December 29, – Tom Wiseman New member Username: I tried putting brand new batteries in and no change. I’ve rebooted my computer and tried it in every usb port llogik still nothing happens!! I discovered after logik mp3 frustrating hours loik the songs I was trying to play I had copied onto my computer with Windows Media Player v7.

Goto win media player – tools – ooptions- copy music tab – find the logik mp3 quality and slide the marker down. Tried removing program, clearing registry and logik mp3 but still won’t work.