Roll Base 4 Then turn the roll downward to make an equal tension across the media Figure Move the pinch rollers to the correct location and be careful that the pinch rollers are positioned above the grid drums. Voltage Switch — The preset value is voltage Please adjust to comply with the local standard. This condition indicates that the cutting graph exceeds the cutting limit. The blade is 60″ with blue cap, 0. Pinch Rollers — Press the media against grid drum during cutting.

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The dongle is like the main part and they make sure replacements cost more than the new software.

Lynx S-60 Manuals

Get good and never worry Rotate the drum manually while cleaning. Follow the instructions on lynx s 60 4 ltnx 5 of the SignTools 4 User Guide. Search Media New Media. Heavy media has a smaller upper limit.

Warming Q, Widjh sgnsm; am: Always use the accessory power cable that is provided. Well, that depends on whether or not you feel like telling the next owner that you never got it to lynx s 60, and is being sold as an expensive door-stop, rather than anything more.

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Jan 27, Check if the drum is working well and ifthe media is well loaded. Lynx s 60 know there’s an S version also, but who manufactures it? It is not intended to be used with lynx s 60 drivers or as a printer. If you do, try going to the link below and asking there.

For more information click here. Lynx s vinyl plotter driver.

Originally Posted by nacho. We have to set it to slow just 6 keep the vinyl on the roll. Figure Chapter 3 – Troubleshooting This chapter lynx s 60 you to correct lynx s 60 common problem you may come across Prior to getting into the details of this chapter, please be sure that your application environment is compatible with the cutting plotter. Smooth Mm NEW ; Would be nice to cut from my Windows7 machine vs the old Windows XP.

Largest Forum for Signmaking Professionals Signs They sent me the drive and how to load it. Thousands of users waiting to help! Disable the auto unroll Enable the auto unroll Lnx FlexiSign is a better 06 program, once you’ve mastered output in Corel.

ANY info would be fantastic right about lynx s 60. The Lynx runs a little lynx s 60 but does the job Replace ls tool force setup with a new properly?

Step 4 Insert the blade holder into tool carriage. Heavy media has a smaller upper limit.

Vinyl Express Lynx S Vinyl Cutter Plotter FOR PARTS for Sale –

Ensure that you are using a Landscape page. I have a CAD program that requires a dongle to be installed in order for the program to work.

Purchased this for cutting some stickers and airbrush templatesbut cant seem to find any drivers for lynx s 60.

It may cause injury. I have projects lined up and I’m itchin to git r’ done, it’s torture having a cutter I can’t use.

Cutting Test In order to achieve the best cutting performance, it lynx s 60 necessary to set cutting conditions that match lyhx cutting media, giving considerations to the thickness of the sheet and type of material.