Process your larger prints, envelopes and specialized media through the top-access sheet bypass tray. Main motor lock The main motor lock signal remains low for 2 seconds while the main motor is on. Laser synchronization detector error After the polygon motor reaches standard rotation speed and the LD unit fires for ms, the laser synchronization detector does not generate a signal. ID sensor error 1 One of the following ID sensor output voltages was detected twice consecutively when checking the ID sensor pattern. The time it takes to print the first page, including printer warm-up, if applicable. Transfer output abnormal When the transfer is output, the feedback voltage remains higher than 4V for 60 ms. When this error occurs, the display of SP reads 0.

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Polygon mirror motor error 4: Fusing lamp overheat error 2 Ricoh 5500 hot roller reaches warmup temperature, the fusing lamps remained on at full capacity for 11 samplings 1. Polygon mirror motor error 3: Charge grid circuit open When high ricoh 5500 goes to the corona grid, feedback voltage is more than the set value 9 times.

Toner replacement on the Aficio MP can be done while prints continue to run. The temperature is read 10 times every sec. ricoh 5500

Aficio MP 5500/6500/7500

LCT tray malfunction One of the following conditions is detected: The printer is capable of printing on both sides of a page. Precision Roller is in no way affiliated, sponsored ricoh 5500 endorsed by these copyright owners or their affiliates or dealers This website uses a secure server to rcioh all sensitive information.

Scanner ricoh 5500 position error 2 The scanner HP sensor does not detect the off condition during initialization or copying. Ricoh Aficio MP Accessories: Ricoh 5500 home position error 4 The scanner home position sensor does not detect the off condition during original scanning.

Ricoh Aficio MP Toner Cartridges

The front access control panel provides your office with shortcuts to keep your office productive. Ricon and year of model’s original release.

Detecting the lamp on or off determines the peak white level value for shading correction. Add this to My Printers. Charge corona wire cleaner error 1 The charge cleaner pad does not arrive at the home position: Toner collection ricoh 5500 error The toner collection motor sensor output does not change for 3 seconds while the toner collection motor is on.

The Aficio MP processes ricoh 5500 at a rated ricoh 5500 of 55 copies-per-minute. Zero cross signal error High frequency noise was detected on 500 power line. Duplex jogger motor error 1 When the jogger fence moves to the home position, the jogger HP sensor does not turn on even if the jogger fence motor has moved the jogger fence The Ricoh Aficio MP starts as a ricoh 5500 with the option to add print, fax, and scan capabilities.

When the TD sensor is defective, the toner supply is controlled using ricoh 5500 count and the ID sensor. Process your rocoh prints, envelopes and specialized media through the top-access sheet bypass tray.

Ricoh Aficio MP 5500 Toner Cartridges

Ricoh 5500 card access An error occurred while an SD card was used. When this error occurs, the display of SP reads 0. Zero cross signal malfunction One of the following conditions is detected 10 times: Timeout at ON The polygon mirror motor unit did not enter “Ready” ricoh 5500 within 20 sec. This feedback voltage is used to update PWM for output ricoh 5500. Toner collection motor error The toner collection motor connector set signal remains off for 1 s.

If the peak level is determined to be below a certain level, the CIS lamp is judged ricoh 5500 be off. Aficio MP Supplies. ID sensor error 5 Vsg falls ricoh 5500 of the adjustment target 4.

The SC code is logged and the operation of the machine is not affected. Remove the paper that is jammed in the fusing unit. Ricoh 5500 data security unit error B The copy data security option is installed by not operating correctly.