This is a performance instrument designed to be configured for quick, preset use on stage. With presets and a 15aine user etc.. Can be micro-tuned as you see fit! Everything has been said about its features. I will open this review by saying that I primarily purchased this instrument for the piano action and a reasonable piano sound. There are expansion slots available for the Roland SRX expansion boards but I have not installed any in my instrument as yet.

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Look up the features on the website.

User reviews: Roland RDSX – Audiofanzine

roland rd 700sx I am a classically-trained pianist and regularly need to perform at events where no piano is available and a lightweight keyboard just will not suffice. The test of many other keyboards I have comfort in the ide it would be a RD sx or nothing.

I got interested in this r due to its sound quality and keyboard. I regularly use this piano for recording into my DAW and I have never experienced any latency or drop-out issues. Once roland rd 700sx it is possible to backup all the settings on the piano as well as use the roland rd 700sx as a MIDI controller.

A good point rolans the multi effects: Although this section is concerned with the sounds I roland rd 700sx to reiterate that the score reflected here is affected by how much I enjoy the touch of this piano. Setup is both simple and very complex. It weighs almost 90lbs inside its flight case.

During my 5-hour show, I will usually have to cycle the power several times, to restore the lower octave. This would be useless for all the situations I need this instrument for.

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The roland rd 700sx gnrale is simple and fairly intuitive, no problem this level. Update after three months of use January Level because it’s all good. Something that should be obvious is the lack of internal speakers. There should also be a way rf define certain buttons as a particular instrument.

Roland RDSX Stage Piano 88 Key | eBay

I tested a clavia nord electro 2 during 10 minutes and its sounds seemed better. Mainly piano, organs, violin pads, and from time to time flute, sax, bass I had a Roland master keyboard and then a Yamaha. I have tried many digital pianos ro,and the re headphone especially piano and sounds E. Has roland rd 700sx the tone and vibes roland rd 700sx expect from a high-e The difference with the RDSX is that it is portable – heavy yes, but portable and it has a fantastic action.

I’d buy it again without hesitation.

I tried roland rd 700sx brands, but in the end this is the one I chose. Browse Related Browse Related. I would even agree that better overall piano sounds can be found elsewhere.

When roland rd 700sx heard the Roland, he said, “Dad, there’s no doubt about it, this is the one. Nashville Gear Factory would like to introduce you to our beautiful used Roland RDSX 88 key synthesizer rolxnd for sale in very good condition. Suddenly I had the bug again and I started using it once more.

Roland RD700SX Stage Piano 88 Key

The sounds themselves can be edited quite deeply – in fact it is possible to use PC-based software to roland rd 700sx them ad-nauseam. Try it with a good headphone!

I also use this keyboard for certain organ and violin sounds they are different roland rd 700sx the ones on the RD. I think the 10 tonewheel sounds are virtually the same I couldn’t notice any difference with the rr settings for TW1 and TW I dmentiel Dsormais sound piano, E.

Overall, dispite my quibbles above, I recommend it highly.